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Proposed Projects

» Construction of 45 Mtr. Ring Road No.2 From Jamnagar Road To Kalavad Road

              The principal D.P. of RUDA was prepared in the year 1984 and the same was sanctioned by Government in the year 1988. In the year 2000 a revised D.P. was submitted by RUDA. Sanction to this was accorded on 24.2.2004 giving implementation effect on 6.3.2004. In the Revised Development Plan a proposal for Ring Road connecting three State Highways viz. Jamnagar State Highway, Kalavad State Highway and Gondal State Highway was there. Rapid development is taking place on the Kalavad Road. Almost all educational institutions are on this road. The Saurashtra University is in the vicinity of this road. Simialrly, the Metoda Industrial Estate has entirely changed the scenario Kalavad State highway. Lots of industries have come up and many are in progress. This has resulted in heavy traffic from inside and outside the city. Further a huge amount of land has become made useful for non-agricultural purposes like residential, educational and other purposes. This ring road will greatly help outside people, particularly from Jamnagar to have easy access to Kalavad road. People can have access to this road without entering into the main city.
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» Construction of 45 Mtr. Wide Ring Road No.1 at Village Madhapar & Vavdi Site

          The ring road No. 1 was initially passing through villages viz. Madhapar, Raiya, Nanamava, Mavdi and Vavdi.  In the year 1998 by a notification of the Government, the villages viz. Raiya, Nanamava and Mavdi were merged into the Rajkot Municipal Corporation area. Accordingly, the construction works on these villages were carried out by the RMC.The rest of the portion of this ring road falling in the villages viz. Madhapar and Vavdi which are under the jurisdiction of RUDA, the execution work is to be carried out by RUDA.
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» Project Name : Construction of Bridge Across Athamio River On Kalavad Road On Kalavad Road
          The Rajkot-Kalavad Road has become one of the very important roads of Rajkot City. Almost all well-known educational institutions like VVP Engg. College and many Arts & Commerce Colleges and schools are situated on this road. Further, the Saurashtra University is located in Mujaka village, which is in the vicinity of this road. The Metoda GIDC Industrial Estate is located on this road. This has resulted in the coming up of many small-scale industries and has greatly increased the vehicular traffic on this road. This work is to be carried out within the jurisdiction of RUDA adjoining to the T.P. Scheme No.10, Motamava. The road length from 7/4 to 23/0 falls within the jurisdiction of R & B Division, Rajkot. In view of the importance of this road District R&B Division, Rajkot, has already approved the road length from 7/4 to 15/7 and the work is in progress. This bridge is the only link to enter the Rajkot city and hence it is very much essential now to widen this bridge considering the increase in the day to day traffic
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» Development Work of Parks & Garden in The Vicinity of RUDA Area

          The Government issued a notification on 20.4.2002 incorporating 18 villages in the jurisdiction of RUDA area and thereby extended the limits of the Authority. Now the total area under the jurisdiction of RUDA is 633 Sq. Kms. As per the provisions of the Act, RUDA has to prepare and submit Draft Development Plan for the new area within a period of 3 years from the date of the notification. Accordingly the Draft Development Plan was prepared and submitted to Government on 24.2.2004. A provision for parks and gardens is made in the Draft Development Plan to provide recreational facilities to the general public in the area. The area considered is Government land near a water body at Nyari Dam-I site. Already public is visiting this place. So it is necessary to develop this area with more facilities. This area is covered with good hotels and other facilities like cinema house.
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